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Find an Available Cerritos Property

Cerritos offers your business a strategic location in a community with a strong fiscal position, exceptional services and a tradition of visionary leadership. Located in the center of the Los Angeles/Orange County metropolitan area, Cerritos is directly served by the 5 (Santa Ana), 605 (San Gabriel), and 91 (Artesia) Freeways. Cerritos is a “No/Low Property Tax” city meaning Cerritos businesses are not assessed any additional property taxes other than the LA County property tax. Besides the Cerritos business license fee, there are no additional business taxes. The City of Cerritos also offers local businesses a 5% discount on electric utility costs.

If you are interested in opening a business in the City of Cerritos, here are a few resources that can help you find a potential location:

  1. Cerritos GIS Mapping tool - Use this tool to identify a location in the City where your business is permitted to operate.
  2. Zoning map - Locate your property on the City's printable zoning map or view a list of permitted business uses within each zone in the Cerritos Municipal Code.
  3. Cerritos Business Zones Map - Use this to identify commercial, office, and industrial/manufacturing locations in Cerritos:
  4. Shopcerritos website - The City's business directory hosts information on retail shopping centers and neighborhood shopping centers in the City. 
  5. Gateway COG Site Selection Tool - Use this tool to find available industrial and/or manufacturing spaces in the City by selecting Cerritos Property Listings in the search feature. 

Once you have identified a potential location in the City where your business is permitted to operate, please contact the Department of Community Development at (562) 916-1201 to confirm zoning requirements before signing a lease or applying for a business license. The Starting a Business in the City of Cerritos flow chart can assist you with the next steps to locating your business in the City of Cerritos.

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