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Groups, Clubs and Sports Organizations

How to be Recognized as a Cerritos Community Organization

Organizations wishing to be recognized as a Cerritos Community Organization must submit all of the following to the City for consideration:

  1. Community Organization Application
    Complete the Community Organization Application (PDF) form. The application must be completed and signed by the president or executive director. The president/executive director will act as the responsible party of the group’s reservations and must be present at all meetings and events held at City facilities.
  2. Current Organization Membership Roster
    A current updated membership roster that lists name, date of birth, residence address (including city and zip code) and phone number of each member. Membership rosters will be kept confidential and will be used to verify residency status. Only one membership roster may be submitted per calendar year. Revised rosters will not be accepted.
  3. Proof of Registration as a Non-Profit Corporation
    Current proof of a registration as a non-profit corporation with the State of California and the IRS is required. All items must be dated within three (3) years. Acceptable written proof includes:
    State of California
    – Certificate of status from the State of California
    – Letter from the IRS stating recognition as a tax-exempt organization
  4. Current Copy of the Organization Bylaws
    Bylaws set the overall structure and basic rules for the operating organization.
  5. An Original Certificate of Liability and Endorsement (if required)
    Organizations that wish to utilize City facilities (e.g., fields, courts, gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, etc.) for play or practice, i.e., sports organizations, dance organizations, etc., are required to submit an original certificate of liability insurance and endorsement, verifying proof of insurance in the amount of $1 million ($5 million for aquatic-based organizations), which names the City of Cerritos as certificate holder. The City of Cerritos, its officers, employees, agents and volunteers must be listed on the certificate as additional insured. If the organization will not be utilizing City facilities for the aforementioned activities, an insurance certificate will not be required.
  6. Letter of Verification Signed by School Principal (For local school/parent-based organizations only)
    Letter signed by the school principal on school letterhead verifying that the club/organization is affiliated with the school.

Community Organization approval within the City of Cerritos will only be valid for the calendar year. Organizations may make reservations through January of the year following the current approval year until approval is obtained. If organization approval has not occurred before the reservation date in January, the reservation request will be cancelled.

Organizations will be notified by mail as to whether the application has been approved or denied, based upon the information provided. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing.

Please submit the completed application and supporting documents by mail or in person to:

By Mail
Community Organization Application
Attention: Recreation Services Division
P.O. Box 3130
Cerritos, CA 90703

In Person
Cerritos City Hall, 2nd Floor
Recreation Services Division
18125 Bloomfield Avenue
Cerritos, CA 90703

Community Organization Overview

The City of Cerritos is fortunate to have dozens of Community Organizations such as clubs, churches, sports groups, scout troops, etc., which help improve the quality of life in the community.

If your group would like to be recognized as an "Approved Cerritos Community Organization," your group must submit the necessary application form and materials to the City's Community & Safety Services Department for review. City staff members thoroughly analyze each application to determine:

  • The purpose of the organization and its potential benefit to the community.
  • The level of involvement by Cerritos residents in the organization.

If approved, the organization may become eligible to reserve City facilities for group functions and participate in certain community programs based upon group type.

Sports Clubs / Organizations

Updated February 10, 2023

The City of Cerritos supports a variety of sports activities for both youth and adults. Below is a list of service organizations and contact persons. If you are unable to locate a specific organization, please contact the Recreation Services Division at (562) 916-1254.

Aquatics Baseball/Softball/T-ball Basketball | Football | Soccer | Volleyball


Cerritos Aquatic Club (youth)
Year round—Victor Fong, (949) 228-1246

Pacific Diving (youth)
Year round—Andy & Amy Kwan, (714) 342-2857


Cerritos Girls Softball (youth)
Girls' fastpitch softball—Jeff Vanosse,

Frontier Youth Baseball (youth)
Baseball—Danny Morales,

Major League Softball (adult)
Slowpitch softball, year round—Dave Johnson, (714) 289-1983



City of Cerritos Recreation Services (youth)
November-March—(562) 916-8590


City of Cerritos Recreation Services (youth)
Flag football, September-November—(562) 916-8590


City of Cerritos Recreation Services (youth)
May-August—(562) 916-8590

American Youth Soccer Organization—Region 54 (youth)

Cerritos Korean Soccer (adult)
Brian Choe, (562) 843-8443

Cerritos Sahlom Tigers Soccer Club (adult)
Hee Yang, (714) 743-2208

Cerritos United Soccer Club (youth)
Year round—

Green Angels Mission Soccer (adult)
Abraham Kim, (714) 615-9279

Korean American O.B. Soccer Club (adult)
Tae Kim, (714) 875-4528


United States Youth Volleyball League (youth)
Allen Adams, (310) 212-7008

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