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General Plan

Cerritos' General Plan was adopted by the City Council on January 6, 2004. A General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR) accompanies the General Plan, and was certified by the City Council on January 6, 2004.

We are required by California State law to adopt a General Plan that provides the policy framework for the long-term physical development of our community. Our General Plan expresses our community's development goals and provides specific public policy relative to the public and private uses of land in our community. Our General Plan links our community values, visions, and objectives with the way we utilize our public and private land and other community resources. It is comprehensive and long-term, and provides the primary guidance for specific projects, policy actions, or programs that may occur in the future.

The City’s General Plan contains ten Elements. State law requires the City to include seven mandatory Elements, including: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Conservation, Open Space, Noise, and Safety. State law also allows the City to include optional Elements. The City has included three optional Elements as part of this General Plan, including: Growth Management, Air Quality, and Community Design.

All files are in PDF format.

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